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Kidney Failure: How to Stay Away from Dialysis

2014-02-05 16:58| Font Size A A A

Dialysis is unavoidable when kidney failure occurs. However, it seems that dialysis is not welcomed by kidney disease patients. Then there is the question: how to stage away from dialysis if someone is attacked by kidney failure?

Why is dialysis not welcomed?

Dialysis is regarded as the necessary treatment for patients with kidney failure, especially in the west. But as a matter of fact, it is a thing that many patients want to avoid. This is because it will generate many side-effects, which will bring patients a lot of pain. Patients will run more risks due to those side-effects. Little kidney function will be improved with dialysis. What’s more, long-term dialysis will do harm to kidney function. So more and more people are searching for the alternatives.

How to stay away from dialysis with kidney failure?

When the disease progresses into kidney failure, the kidney function is severely damaged. So if you want to stay away from dialysis, the first and the important thing to do is to improve kidney function. Once kidney function is improved, kidneys can work normally.

There are many natural alternatives for dialysis, such as Hot Compress therapy, Cycle therapy, Full Bath therapy, Enema therapy, Moxibustion therapy. Based on your illness condition, the doctor will choose one of several therapies for you. All those therapies are natural and bring no side-effects to patients. With those natural alternatives, the toxins in blood will be discharged, and damaged kidney cells can be repaired. So kidney function can be improved as a result. If you want to know which therapy is suitable for you, you can send your medical report to for a reply.

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