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How to Deal with Severe Edema in Kidney Failure

2014-01-22 19:35| Font Size A A A

Edema is a common symptom of kidney disease. It worsens with the progression of the disease. Many patients will suffer from severe edema when the illness progresses into kidney failure. Then how to deal with severe edema in kidney failure?

How does edema occur in kidney disease?

The healthy kidneys are in charge of filtering the waste products in blood as well as preserving the essential substance. Protein is the useful thing to our body and kidneys will keep them in the blood. But in kidney failure, kidneys are not able to preserve them. They will leak out and be discharged though urine. Protein in blood can help keep fluids in bloodstream. Once protein is leaked out, fluids will spread into other tissues spaces, causing edema.

The damaged kidneys cannot filter the extra minerals and fluids in blood. So there will be water-sodium retention, which is a main cause of edema.

How to deal with severe edema in kidney failure?

- You are suggested to control water intake and sodium intake to prevent water-sodium retention. For how much water you should take, you should consult your doctor or the online doctor according to your illness condition.

- Maybe your doctor has suggested you to do dialysis. It can help remove the extra fluids in blood, relieving severe edema. But with the fluids being discharged, you may develop low blood pressure, causing nausea and dizziness.

- Improving kidney function is considered to be the most effective method to treat severe edema. How to improve kidney function? Hot Compress therapy is suggested to take. It is an innovative therapy based on the traditional Chinese medicine and it is externally used. What makes it different from other western treatments is that it can improve kidney function by repairing the impaired kidney cells.

Since the kidney function is improved, protein will be kept in bloodstream, so as to proper fluids. Extra water and sodium will be discharged. So severe edema in kidney failure will be relieved. If you want to know more about kidney failure, you can leave a message below or you can send me an email to, the kidney doctor will give you a reply.

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