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Kidney Failure: The Best Treatment to Improve Kidney Function

2013-12-30 18:35| Font Size A A A

Kidney function declines with the progression of the disease. In kidney failure, kidney function drops to 15% or even less. To improve kidney function is the initial task for patients with kidney failure. Then what is the best treatment to improve kidney failure?

In kidney failure, symptoms and complications become more obvious and serious because of kidney dysfunction. To relieve the symptoms, dialysis is used to many patients. At some urgent circumstances, dialysis is a lifesaver. Is dialysis the best treatment for patients with kidney failure?

Many people with dialysis are suffering from more serious symptoms due to its side-effects. Some side-effects will increase the risk of life, such as heart failure, pulmonary edema and vascular disease, etc.

What is the best treatment to improve kidney function?

The Chinese medicine has been highly praised for its effectiveness in treating kidney disease. It is different from the western drugs, and it takes effect on the internal lesions not the external symptoms.

Based on the traditional Chinese medicine, our hospital has selected seven therapies from numerous treatments and combine then organically, forming a set of stereoscopic therapy. Here I will introduce you one of them. It is called Hot Compress therapy.

This therapy is different from the traditional Chinese medicine. It is externally used with an permeameter. The herbs used in this therapy are finely-shattered in advanced and they will be put under your lower back. With the help of the permeameter, the herbs can be permeated into your kidneys.

The herbs will take effect on the kidneys and they can achieve the goal of repairing the damaged kidney cells by dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation, degrading extracellular matrix and providing nutritions to kidneys.

Obvious improvements can be seen with this therapy, such as your urine volume is increased, urinate less at night, itching skin can be relieved and so on.

With this therapy, the kidney function can be greatly improved. Besides, this therapy is natural, so it is safe and with no side-effects. It is worth your try. If you are interested in it, you can ask the online doctor for more information. By the way, the herbal formula is personalized, you can send your medical report to, the kidney doctor will make some suggestions based on your condition.

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