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End-Stage Kidney Failure with Creatinine 8.3: How Can I Stop Dialysis

2013-12-23 18:42| Font Size A A A

End-stage kidney failure is the most serious stage of kidney disease. Patients’ lives are in danger without proper treatment. Many patients are companied by high creatinine level. One patient who is suffering from end-stage kidney failure with creatinine 8.3 asked that how can he stop dialysis. Now follow me and find the answer.

End-stage renal failure is characterized by severe loss of kidney function. At this stage, kidneys are almost not able to perform their abilities. As a consequence, the creatinine level will be elevated because kidneys cannot discharge the extra creatinine out of the blood.

Most of the patients in renal failure rely on dialysis to survive. Dialysis indeed can help discharge the excessive toxins in blood and relieve symptoms, but what bother the patients is that it will bring a lot of side-effects. Some patients’ condition even deteriorated further with dialysis. Therefore, many patients want to stop dialysis. However, they do not know what treatment to take if they stop dialysis. Here I am glad to tell you that there is alternative for dialysis.

How can I stop dialysis?

There is a better choice for you to replace dialysis. It can not only reduce creatinine 8.3 but also improve kidney function in end-stage kidney failure. This is Chinese medicine.

Hot Compress therapy is an innovative form of the traditional Chinese medicine. It is a combination of the traditional one and the advanced machine. An osmosis device is used to immerse the herbs into the kidneys. The herbs have the function of discharging the extra toxins and repairing the damaged kidney cells. They can help recover the healthy qi of kidneys. With this therapy, you can prolong dialysis intervals and finally stop it.

This therapy is just one of the seven stereoscopic therapies in our hospital. If you want to know more about the therapy, you can ask the online doctor or you can send your medical report to, I will give you a reply based on your illness condition. Do not lose confidence, end-stage kidney failure can be improved with proper treatment! Wish you a better tomorrow!

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