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Is Dialysis A Lifesaver for Patients with Kidney Failure

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Many patients with kidney failure takes dialysis treatment. Is dialysis a lifesaver for patients with kidney failure?

Dialysis for kidney failure.

If the kidney disease progresses into kidney failure, the kidneys will fail to filter the waste products from the blood adequately. The accumulation of the waste products in blood will cause many symptoms, like nausea, vomit, swelling, itching skin, muscle cramps and so on. If the waste products cannot be discharged, the life is in danger. Dialysis is the method that used as an artificial kidney. It can help kidneys discharge the waste products and extra fluids in the blood.

Is dialysis a lifesaver for kidney failure patients?

Adequate dialysis cannot only relieve the symptoms, but also can help control the progression of the primary disease and prevent complications. Under some emergent circumstances, dialysis is urgently needed to save life especially when your serum potassium is higher than 6.5mmol or you have serious symptoms, like pulmonary edema. So dialysis is a lifesaver to some extent with some emergent cases. However, to get a better improvement of your kidney illness, dialysis is not the ideal treatment.

How to get well treated in kidney failure?

Dialysis is a replacement treatment, not the curative treatment. Dialysis can only discharge the waste products but cannot improve kidney function. there is rare case that patients with kidney failure are cured by dialysis. Then what is the curative treatment for renal failure?

The Chinese medicine is the highly recommended treatment by kidney experts for kidney disease patients. There are some advantages of Chinese medicines:

a. It is natural and with no side effects.

b. It is comfortable and patients will not suffer from discomforts like dialysis.

c. It cannot only remove the toxins in the blood but also can improve kidney function.

d. Unlike dialysis, it is low-cost.

Dialysis is necessary in some cases and it can save one’s life under some emergency. But if you want a better improvement, you can try the Chinese medicines. There are different Chinese medicines according to different conditions. If you want to know what medicine is suitable to you, you can send your report to and the doctor will give you specific information after studying your illness condition.

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