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Natural Remedies for Itching Skin in Renal Failure

2013-12-22 19:49| Font Size A A A

The kidney function declines to below 15% in renal failure with the decrease of glomerular filtration rate(GFR). Some patients will suffer from severe symptoms due to low kidney function. Itching skin is one of the annoying symptoms. What are the natural remedies for itching skin in renal failure?

Why patients will experience itching skin?

In renal failure, kidneys are not able to well perform their functions. So excessive toxins, such as creatinine, urea, guanidine, phenol will accumulate in the blood. Some of the toxins can be discharged through skin with sweating. The toxins will stimulate the skin, causing itching skin. In kidney failure, there will be electrolyte imbalance. Low calcium and high phosphorus level in blood are related with itching skin. Besides, patients with kidney failure who are on dialysis will easily go through dehydration when excessive water is remove. Dehydration can also lead to itching skin.

Natural remedies for itching skin.

You must have heard of Chinese medicine, which has a long history in dealing with kidney disease. Here I will introduce you some of the Chinese therapies and they are all natural remedies.

Cycle therapy. It refers to such a treatment that doctors shattering Chinese medicines and smearing them on different parts of your body according to different diseases. There therapy can draw the toxins out from the blood. This remedy cannot only relieve itching skin, but also can improve the appetite.

Hot Compress therapy.

This therapy can eliminate the toxins and recover the original qi by compressing the finely-shattered herbs into your kidneys. This is helpful in improving kidney function. With improved kidney function, your itching skin can be relieved.

Full bath therapy.

This therapy is to decoct the Chinese herbs and blend them into medicinal soup. Patients will bath in the soup in sufficient time. The medicines can immerse into the body and discharge the toxins through sweat and urine. This therapy can take effect on your skin directly. So it can effectively relieve the itching problem.

The above natural remedies for itching skin are of great value. If you do not very clear about them, you can ask the online doctor or you can send me an email to, I will give you an specific explanation!

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