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Creatinine 11 with Chronic Kidney Failure: Can It be Treated by Dialysis

2013-12-19 18:43| Font Size A A A

Kidneys have already lost their ability to work in chronic kidney failure with creatinine 11. Many patients rely on dialysis to survive. Can this condition be treated by dialysis?

What does creatinine 11 mean with chronic kidney failure?

Creatinine is the metabolic waste of muscle which should be filtered out by kidneys. The normal creatinine level is 0.5-1.3 mg/dl. Creatinine 11 is far beyond the normal level. This may indicate that the kidney function is further damaged in chronic kidney failure. Some patients may be companied by serious symptoms, like nausea, vomit, anemia, heavy swelling, heart failure, acidosis, pulmonary edema and so on. Without correct treatment, patients are in danger at any time.

Dialysis for creatinine 11 with chronic kidney failure.

Many patients in chronic kidney failure are accepting dialysis treatment. Dialysis is an artificial kidney which functions to replace kidney to do some jobs that kidney are not able to do. It can help relieve some symptoms by discharging the accumulated toxins and extra water. Patients can live another several years with dialysis.

Can creatinine 11 with chronic kidney failure be treated by dialysis?

Adequate dialysis can help relieve some symptoms and control the progression of the initial diseases. It can provide a relatively favorable environment to the recovery of damaged kidney cells and kidney function. However, dialysis itself cannot lower high creatinine level completely and improve kidney function.

With what treatment can it be treated?

The curative treatment aims at improving kidney function, which dialysis is just a replacement treatment. Then what treatment has such effect? Here is a treatment, which called Hot Compress on the bilateral kidneys. It is effective in dealing with kidney disease.

As its name refers, Hot Compress is a externally used treatment. Patients may receive a comfortable feeling with this treatment. If you have any interests, you can send an email to, I will give you the detailed information about this treatment.

Creatinine 11 with chronic kidney failure can be lowered by dialysis, but cannot be cured by dialysis. The correct treatment is very important in this condition. The online doctor provides the free service for you here! You can go and contact him!

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