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Alternative Medications for Chronic Kidney Failure

2013-10-29 11:51| Font Size A A A

Chronic kidney failure is the last stage of chronic kidney disease. Patients who are diagnosed with chronic kidney failure are usually scarred. They are often provided with dialysis and kidney transplant. But some patients are seeking alternative medications for chronic kidney failure.

Dialysis and kidney transplant

Dialysis and kidney transplant are the traditional medications used to deal with chronic kidney failure in the west. However, it is reported that the recovery rate with the two medications are very low.

Though dialysis can help discharge the waste product and toxins in the blood, many complications will come along. In some cases, patients are not die of chronic kidney disease, but the complications.

A successful kidney transplant can enable the kidney more functions than the damaged one. But kidney transplant requires more follow-up cares to achieve the ideal effect. Immunosuppressive drugs are needed to fight for the rejection. Whereas the immunosuppressive drugs are harmful to the immunity and you are more susceptible to get infected.

Alternative medications

To avoid dialysis and kidney transplant, you are suggested to take the Chinese medication. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one of the effective Chinese herbal therapies. It is the advanced form of the traditional Chinese medicine. It aims at improving kidney function and repair the damaged kidney cells. You can avoid side-effects and surgery pain with this therapy.

Stem cell therapy is another alternative for chronic kidney failure. The stem cell technology used in our hospital is the umbilical cord blood stem cell instead of the embryonic stem cell, which is controversial. This therapy takes advantage of the great ability of regeneration of the stem cells. Once the stem cells are injected into the body, they will regenerate new and young cells to replace the damaged and died cells. So the kidney function will be greatly improved with this therapy.

The two alternative medications for chronic kidney failure are effective and safe. They are the best choices for you to avoid dialysis and kidney transplant. You are welcomed to consult the online doctors for more information about the alternative medications.

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