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How to Save Patients with Uremia Psychologically

2013-10-27 11:36| Font Size A A A

In the psychological treatment for patients with uremia, experts found that many patients deny or avoid their psychological problems, but put the blame on physical disease. The disease is like an umbrella what can protect them escape from psychological problems. Thus, how to save patients with uremia psychologically?

Psychological factor plays a role of "activator" in the occurrence, development and transfer of uremia. Psychological barriers may directly affect the health and quality of life of patients, such as serious insomnia, anxiety, and fear of pain. Conversely, if patients with uremia can hold an optimistic and positive attitude, it might get a good treatment effect.

Some patients seem to be very strong, and do not need help for they are reluctant to show their weak side. Most people have a mistaken concept that psychological problems will disappear naturally with the cure of physical disease.

Following is a list of suggests by a leading psychological expert.

1. Disappointments and helplessness

The condition once be confirmed, patients will suffer from a lot of pains. Adolescents in school, business, and love often have a feeling of anger. They felt the rights and freedoms of life were deprived, lose faith in life, and immersed in a sad mood all day long. Some teenagers also believe that illness is the result from genetic factor and anger against their parents.

Psychological prescription:

It is necessary to gain their trust and establish a good relationship by kind and honest words. What’s more, we should also tell them the positive side of disease repeatedly to form a good attitude.

2. Psychology of anxiety and fear

Uremia is a kind of serious disease with a variety of complications. Patients are easily feeling fear for poorly understood and misunderstanding about this disease. They may worry about their future, afraid of death, and care about treatment too much, ect.

Psychological prescription:

You should be patient to listen to the complaints of the patient, understanding the causes of anxiety and fear, and use language skills to stable emotion and give them support, encourage. Besides, timely learn some knowledge of uremia, guidance them on how to choose and control food, help patients to exercise actively to transfer the negative state of mind.

3. Self-accusation

The patient can't take care of the family after illness, and a definitive treatment need a lot of money. These cause families feel the pinch and the patients might think they became a family burden.

Psychological prescription:

Let the patient know that the disease can be controlled by a treatment, a reasonable diet, proper exercise, scientific administration, and good mood. They can work again. Besides, it is also important to raise more capital for treatment to remove patients’ worry.

4. Pessimistic psychological

Long time’s illness and various complications make the patients hostile to treatment. They think that no medicine can cure them, and do not cooperate with treatment. Mistrust of health care workers, show the cold and indifferent attitude.

Psychological prescription:

Firstly, experts should obtain patients’ trust by mild language, skilled operation, and rich medical care knowledge. In addition, talk with the patient initiatively, and provide reasonable information about treatment, give scientific and protective explanations of the condition changes, test results to help them build up confidence.

In many cases, psychological problem and its impact of uremia patients not draw attention of clinicians and patients. Psychotherapy is hidden in the aura of clinical treatment. If you want to know more specific information about psychotherapy for uremia patients, please leave a message below, and we will give you an answer as soon as possible.

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