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What will Happen If Patients with Kidney Failure Refuse Dialysis

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Dialysis is the common treatment for patients with kidney failure. It is an important clinical method to purify blood. But there are patient who do not want to do dialysis. What will happen if patients with kidney failure refuse dialysis?

Dialysis for kidney failure

Kidney failure occurs with severe kidney damage. The GFR(glomerular filtration rate), a reliable indicator of kidney function, decreases to 15-29%. What does this mean? The glomerular is the main filtration unit of kidney which functions to filtrate the waste product and toxins and excessive fluid out of the blood. When the glomerular is damaged, it cannot do this job well.

Dialysis is needed for patients with kidney failure because it serves as an artificial kidney. It can help kidney do part of the job. It can discharge the waste products and toxins as well as extra fluid out of the blood.

What will happen if patients with kidney failure refuse dialysis?

If patients with kidney failure refuse dialysis, the waste product and toxins and extra water will pile up in the blood. If their level is too high, they can cause many other diseases and discomfortable feelings, such as heart failure, nausea, vomiting, shortness of breath, etc. Dialysis can even save one’s life in an emergent case.

Though dialysis is not the perfect treatment for kidney failure, we cannot neglect the role it plays. It can sustain the life and improve life quality of patients with kidney failure.

Other alternatives for kidney failure

If patients with kidney failure still has a certain urine output, they can turn to other treatments, like Immunotherapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osomtherapy. They aim at improve kidney function. With these treatments, you can get rid of dialysis gradually.

Though dialysis is not the ideal treatment for kidney failure, it does have much significance in dealing with kidney disease especially with a little kidney function. You can consult the online doctor for the treatments for kidney failure.

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