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Three Ways to Reverse Kidney Function

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Three Ways to Reverse Kidney Function
Many people believe that from kidney disease to uremia, it is a matter of time, and it will come sooner or later. But it turns out to be wrong, and nine out of ten patients will never reach uremia in their lifetime. The treatment of kidney disease focuses on the protection of residual renal function. The more residual renal function, the more stable the condition, the better the prognosis.

But our kidneys are fragile. Once damaged, they are irreversible. Faced with such a severe situation, is there really no way to reverse kidney function? In fact, sticking to these three things can not only greatly relieve the burden on the kidneys, but also delay or even restore some kidney functions.

Here are 3 ways to reverse kidney function!

1. To control weight, and thus reducing the burden on kidneys

Most adults with kidney disease are less qualified to control their weight, and obesity is now a more common health problem. The most direct effect of obesity or overweight is to cause high blood pressure, blood lipids and blood sugar, and also to increase proteinuria, leading obese nephropathy. These factors can damage kidneys together and speed up uremia. Therefore, overweight patients must lose weight.

To avoid malnutrition, renal patients should lose weight under the guidance of doctors. First, to adjust diet. Adhering to the 3-low principle of renal diet, namely low salt, low fat and low amount of high quality protein is helpful to control weight. Secondly, moderate exercises. Long-term exercises can not only improve boost immunity, but also control weight. Jogging, brisk walking and aerobics are all OK. Reducing weight reduces the accumulation of fat in the blood vessels of the kidney, which is conducive to the relief of renal ischemia, and thus can reverse renal function. If the obese nephropathy patients can persist in controlling their weight level in the early stage, they can be completely cured.

2. To stabilize blood pressure , and thus reverse damaged kidney cells.

Renal function impairment is the result of long-term accumulation. For example, patients with Hypertensive Nephropathy usually have a history of hypertension for 10 years or more, and long-term blood pressure instability leads to nephropathy. Therefore, long-term stabilization of blood pressure is needed to prevent further deterioration of renal function, or even to reverse partial damaged kidney cells. Long-term high blood pressure damages kidney blood artery. If blood pressure level is reduced, renal blood vessel pressure is reduced, which is helpful to restore some functions.

This requires more patience. To maintain blood pressure steady, first is to stick to low salt diet, second is to stick to taking blood pressure medicine, third is to stick to review. These three points are not difficult to do. The difficulty is that if you insist on a low-salt diet and eat a light meal every day. You may not be able to bear it at first, but when it becomes habit, it will help you restore or stabilize your kidney function.

3. To prevent infections and other factors that may cause relapse.

Some patients have a mild illness, but because they do not pay attention to treatment and prevention, their disease relapses frequently. As a result, the disease becomes more and more serious, even reaching renal failure after a period of time. Each recurrence of nephropathy leads to an inflammatory response that further damages renal function, and therefore less recurrence is the key to maintaining renal function.

Common factors causing recurrence include infection such as cold, drug abuse, fever and dehydration, etc. To avoid these factors, the renal function can be kept stable for a long time, and the renal glomeruli or renal cells with mild damage can be slowly restored, and then the overall renal function can also be somewhat recovered.

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