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It’s Already Uremia: Should You Only Wait for Dialysis or Kidney Transplant

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It’s Already Uremia: Should You Only Wait for Dialysis or Kidney Transplant
At the moment when creatinine level exceeds 700 umol/L, you may feel hopeless, because dialysis is going to start. In fact, this problem is not that serious as you imagine.

Miracles may happen to you.

Actually the real enemy of you is not the disease itself, but yourselves. Because you're telling yourself that kidney disease is incurable, that even it is treated, it is a waste of money, and that even with new technology and new treatments, you can try, but don't expect too much......

This apparent psychological stress has the greatest physical impact on blood pressure, which directly worsens kidney disease. Bad mood also affects the body's metabolic capacity, drug sensitivity, system, and so on, ultimately affecting the efficacy.

Therefore, hoping for a miracle to happen, to keep good mood is the first thing you should do.

To ensure that you really get treated

To ensure that you get treated seems to be easy, but many renal patients do not do that.

Some may ask: I have been taking steroids, and dialysis is also regularly, why you say that it is not treatment?

Kidney failure occurs when a large number of renal cell necrosis or "apparent death" (not working) occurs, and uremia is an end-stage term for renal failure, which means that uremia is caused by a large number of renal cell necrosis or "apparent death".

Renal cell necrosis is caused by the inflammatory response caused by immune complex deposition, and renal cell necrosis can further lead to the accumulation of large amounts of toxic and harmful substances in the blood.

Even though hormones can fight inflammation, they can't clear the immune complexes. Dialysis removes toxins from the blood, but it doesn't restore kidney function. This is like a fever caused by an infection. If you just wipe your head with a wet towel several times rather than reduce the inflammation, you can get a temporary relief, but inflammation is still there, and you will still have fever.

The same goes for anti-hypertensive, diuresis, and anticoagulation.

What is the correct treatment of uremia?

We can't save dead kidney cells, but we can still wake up the pseudodeath kidney cells.

The primary task of activating "apparent death" cells is to clarify the cause of "apparent death", one is the cell ischemia caused by the obstruction of renal microcirculation, and the other is the damage caused by the accumulation of a large number of immune complexes.

Therefore, we should pay attention to two aspects to awaken these "apparent death" renal cells: to effectively dilate blood vessels through drugs, thereby promoting renal microcirculation and improving renal ischemia; to remove immune complexes from the blood to prevent further damage to the kidneys.

At the same time, the combination of hormone drugs can not only reduce the side effects of hormones, but also delay the drug resistance of hormones. This is to ensure you to get treated.

Kidney transplant is not the only solution for uremia patients. Although it is difficult to cure uremia completely, it can get treated. Do not give hope. For more information on uremia treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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