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If You Only Know Dialysis for Uremia, Your Ending Will Be Death

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If You Only Know Dialysis for Uremia, Your Ending Will Be Death
Uremia is a popular term for the development of chronic kidney disease to the end stage. It refers to the excessive loss of renal function, which cannot meet the normal metabolic needs of the human body, resulting in the "toxins" that should be excreted from the body with the urine, build up in the blood.

The conventional treatment for uremia is dialysis, but do we really have no other option?

When do you need dialysis?

Although kidney patients do not want to receive dialysis, in some of the more dangerous situations, dialysis is needed.

For example, the ability of kidney to clear creatinine, if the clearance rate of endogenous creatinine is lower than 10ml/min in kidney patients, even if the urine volume is normal, dialysis is required.

Electrolytes, for example, require dialysis if they develop severe hyperkalemia or metabolic acidosis.

Dialysis is designed to help the kidneys flush out excess blood toxins, not as a treatment, but as a temporary relief.

Is there any other way other than dialysis?

The body requires a constant supply of energy (such as food) from the outside world, a process that inevitably leads to the introduction of harmful substances into the body. Waste is also produced in the body's own metabolic processes. These harmful material and metabolization waste, need to be discharged from human body in time. There are three main ways to expel these wastes: urine, bowel movement and sweat.

The kidneys are mainly responsible for the formation of urine, and dialysis is only for the smooth removal of "toxins" that should have been excreted from the urine.

Now you still have bowel movement and sweat to help you.

The former can use colonic dialysis that is more popular in recent years. Actually it is Chinese medicine Enema Therapy. Although the effect is not as good as hemodialysis, it is cheap, safe and has no side effects, so many patients choose it for treatment. The latter is mainly to use drugs or physical means to increase perspiration so as to help detoxification.

In addition to these measures to help detoxification, it is more important to adjust your mentality. A good emotion can help you fight against the disease.

Even though you go into uremia stage, you should not give up hope. Where there is a will, there is a way. For more information about uremia treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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