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4 Things Help You Reverse Uremia

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4 Things Help You Reverse Uremia
Is there any better way to treat kidney disease? If you can do these four things, even if you are in uremia stage or ESRD, you can reverse it.

When facing renal disease, not a few kidney patients are confused. It can not be cured, which means you have to take medications for life, and go to hospital regularly. And you are always on the alert of arrival of uremia. Moreover, you can hardly see hope of future.

Actually this thought is a little pessimistic. Even though chronic kidney disease (CKD) is incurable, you can do a lot of things to stop its progression and avoid uremia. If you have done any of them, it is too early for you to have the above thought.

To slow down the progression to ESRD, you should remember the principles of two to Do and two not Do.

About two to Do

4 Things Help You Reverse Uremia
1. To strictly obey renal-friendly diet

When you go for checkups in hospital, doctors or nurses always ask how well you control your diet. Do you know why? Because it is really important for you to control your disease. Here two aspects will be stressed on. They are low salt diet and low but high quality protein. These two factors play a crucial role in treating proteinuria and high blood pressure.

Low salt diet requests you to limit salt intake into 5g per day. If you have swelling or massive proteinuria, it should be less than 3g. low quantity but high quality protein mainly refers to milk, egg and meat. They are all animal protein and high quality protein. It should be restricted into 0.5-0.7 g/kg per day. If you have been on dialysis, it can be controlled into 1-1.2g/kg per day.

Remember to adjust their intake according to your medical condition. Too much will worsen your disease, while too little can result in malnutrition.

4 Things Help You Reverse Uremia
2. To take medicine strictly under the guidance of illness change and doctor instruction.

To treat kidney disease, some medications are commonly used, such as steroids, immunosuppressants, anti-hypertensive medicine, lipid-lowering drug, antibiotics, diuretics, anti-coagulation drug, etc.

There are so many medicines that you should take them strictly under the instruction of doctors. Do not skip medicines, and take medicines on time.

About two Not to Do

4 Things Help You Reverse Uremia
1. Not to stop or change medicine blindly

This is forbidden during treatment, but some renal patients really have done it before. The progression of kidney disease is usually complex. Different pathological type of disease and different severity of illness need different medications. If you stop or change your current medicines blindly, it is likely for you to make the disease worse. When it goes into uremia stage, you will feel regret.

2. Not to give up hope

Be confident and believe in your doctors. Though CKD can not be cured, we will try our best to help you slow down the progression and prevent it from worsening. Meanwhile, we will guarantee you a high life quality. As long as you cooperate with treatment, you can lead a normal life.

The above 4 things can help you reverse uremia. If you still have any other questions on ESRD, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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