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How to Treat Kidney Failure Without Dialysis

2017-06-17 17:54| Font Size A A A

How to Treat Kidney Failure Without DialysisHow to treat kidney failure without dialysis? This must be one of most concerned questions for all renal failure patients. Dialysis is most suggested treatment for them, but long term intake of dialysis can cause a series of complications, and it cant remedy the disease from root. So many patients try to find alternative treatment for their case without dialysis.

Let’s see the treatment choices for kidney failure patients.

At the beginning of this year 2017, a renal failure patients came to our hospital for treatment. When he just came, his creatinine level was as high as 848 umol/L, but he was very disgusted with dialysis. We suggested him doing urgent and temporary dialysis to lower high creatinine quickly, but he was rejected. After analyzing his condition, experts made decision for him to start systematic Chinese medicine treatment without dialysis.

The featured treatment is known as Toxin-Removing Treatment, which includes various Chinese therapies, such as foot bath, full bath, fumigation, navel therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, and so on. Although he needs to do so much type of treatments, but the curative effect is not bad. One and a half months after discharge from our hospital, hie creatinine level dropped to 512 umol/L in local review, which can be considered a relatively safe range. So he can prevent dialysis with continue treatment.

In fact, compared the rapid removal of toxins, traditional Chinese medicine is not better than dialysis, but Chinese medicine treatment to remove toxins is a comprehensive removal. It can remove both small molecule creatinine, but also deposited in the kidneys of macromolecular immune complexes. So the treatment curative effects are much stable. Therefore, Chinese medicine treatment will be a good choice for kidney failure patients to avoid dialysis.

However, do not think that Chinese medicine is never let patients dialysis. Because some patients will be dangerous without dialysis, they have to do dialysis. So kidney failure patients should follow the advice of their doctor unless they get effective alternative treatments.

Now, do you know what would be your good choice with kidney failure? If you want to learn more details of the Chinese medicine treatment, you can send e-mail to, or contact with whatsapp +8613633219293.

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