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Treatment to Avoid Dialysis or Regain Kidney Cells

2017-08-02 14:20| Font Size A A A

Treatment to Avoid Dialysis or Regain Kidney CellsQuestion: My dad has shrunk kidney of 8 cm, and now his creatinine level is as high as 284 umol/L. What can we do to avoid dialysis or regain kidney cells or get better functioning? Please help us.


Dear friend, we are glad to get your e-mail in our mail box, From your description, we knew the current disease of your father, so our experts made a consultation to analyze his condition and give you some suggestions, hope this can help you.

Analysis of his case:

The normal kidney size is 10-12 cm, you said his kidney size is 8 cm now, so his kidneys have been shrunk. In this case, there are 3 kinds of kidney cells in his kidneys, damaged ones, dead ones and healthy ones. About more than 50% kidneys have been damaged severely, this is why he has a high creatinine level 284 umol/L. In this condition, dialysis is suggested because his kidneys cant work well, and there will be lots of toxins and wastes building up in his blood, which can cause some severe complications, or even life-threatening. But dialysis is not the only choice, there are still some other alternative treatment.

Toxin-Removing Treatment is a systematic Chinese medicine treatment, including various Chinese medicine therapies. Compared with dialysis, this treatment is more natural and it can remedy the kidney function from root. Let’s see its curative effects:

- Toxins and wastes will be cleared out through increasing urine output, stool and sweat, this can help clear blood and lower creatinine level to some extent. Moreover, some of the symptoms like nausea, vomiting, poor appetite, skin itching, etc, can be controlled well.

- Some therapies will also be used to expand blood vessels and improve blood circulation by removing blood stasis, thus can increase blood volume into kidneys and bring more essential elements, which can help repair damaged renal cells and improve renal function effectively.

- This treatment can also help regulate the immune system and prevent further inflammations in body. Thus can help protect the kidneys from further damages.

Compared with dialysis, the Toxin-Removing Treatment is more natural, and it can help repair the kidney damage and stop the progression of the disease. Then your father can avoid dialysis to live a better life. If you want to get this treatment, your dad needs to come to China for further treatment. Want to learn more details, you can contact online doctor, or consult with whatsapp +8613633219293. We will do the best to help.

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