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Can You Send the Chinese Medicine To Me For My Kidney Failure

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Can You Send the Chinese Medicine To Me For My Kidney Failure

“Doctor, I am far away from China, so I can’t come. Can you send me some Chinese medicines for my kidney failure?” This is one of the common questions we met with our patients, especially for foreign patients. Because they don’t know whether our treatment can help their kidney disease, so they hope they can first try the medicines at home. However, our Chinese medicine treatment not means simple medicines, but a complex and systematic treatment. You can learn more about the treatment in following article.

Four One Treatment is a systematic treatment that made by our professional experts with their large number of clinical practice. This treatment includes four main therapies, a bottle of Maikang Mixture, a dose of oral Chinese medicine, a pair of hot compress and a basin of foot bath.

Can You Send the Chinese Medicine To Me For My Kidney Failure

It is Chinese patent medicine, and it is mainly used to tonify Qi, invigorate the circulation of blood and dredge collaterals. On the other words, it can help reverse the blood circulation and improve the condition of ischemia hypoxia in kidneys. It is the fixed formula of Chinese patent medicine, we can send the patients, however, it is only adjuvant therapy.

Can You Send the Chinese Medicine To Me For My Kidney Failure

A does of oral Chinese medicine should be used for patients everyday. Different from Maikang Mixture, this medicine us made depending on the specific illness condition of patients, which has functions of removing toxins and wastes from blood, and there are hundreds of prescription. Therefore, we need to first know the specific condition of patients, then give right oral Chinese medicine, then we can ensure the curative effects.
Can You Send the Chinese Medicine To Me For My Kidney Failure

Hot compress therapy is an external treatment. There are two medicine bags worked on Shenshu acupoints of kidneys, during this treatment, a osmosis machine must be used, and patients can get good improvements. It is much difficult to send a machine to patients and tell patients how to use.
Can You Send the Chinese Medicine To Me For My Kidney Failure

Foot bath is an important step during the treatment, and we also have hundreds of prescriptions for foot bath. This treatment can help improve blood circulation and improve environment in kidneys, which can help improve the kidney function as well. Therefore, we also need to know the specific condition of patients and give right formula.

Four One Treatment is the combination of oral Chinese medicine and external used Chinese medicine, and its most function is improving blood circulation and making good blood environment for further treatment. So, if patients want to get good curative effects, they need to come to China and have exact diagnosis first, then they can get a right and effective treatment. After that, patients can get a better prognosis.

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