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Where There Is Kidney Failure, There Is Immunotherapy

2013-09-27 11:52| Font Size A A A

We all know that Kidney Failure has a very big harmfulness. Treatments of kidney failure known by patients are only Dialysis and Kidney Transplantation generally. In fact, there are some other therapies which are more convenient and effective. Meanwhile they have no obvious side effects. At present, Immunotherapy is the most common treatment in clinical. Where there is kidney failure, there is immunotherapy.

More than 95% of kidney diseases are associated with immune disease. The cause of kidney failure is deformation and damage of renal inherent cells which is caused by immune disorder. Immunotherapy is a biotherapy which helps rebuild the immune system and uses immune system to fight against the kidney damages. It is a systemic therapy, which gets Chinese Herbal Medicine, western drugs, blood purification etc involved, which helps adjust your abnormal immune system and block the root cause of the kidney failure.

Immunotherapy can both control the primary cause and kidney damage in kidney failure patients. Thereby, it can help patients avoid the relapse of kidney disease. However, not everyone is suitable to this therapy for a few patients get the side effects from immunotherapy. Most of patients do not get the discomforts from it.

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