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How to Reduce Creatinine Value of Patients with Kidney Failure

2013-09-26 18:30| Font Size A A A

High creatinine level is a characteristic of Kidney Failure patients. It is difficult to treat and easy to relapse. How to reduce the creatinine value of patients with kidney failure? This is a question that many patients want to ask. There are several common methods to lower creatinine value:

1. Immunotherapy

More than 95% of kidney disease is suspected to be caused by immune system disorder. Immunotherapy is a biotherapy which helps rebuild the immune system and uses immune system to fight against kidney failure. It is a systemic therapy, which helps adjust your abnormal immune system and block the root cause of the autoimmune kidney disease. It can fundamentally improve the kidney function, including lower creatinine value of course.

2. Detoxification

Detoxification with drugs is widely used now. Kidneys in the failure stage can't excrete toxin normally. This therapy does a rapid detoxification through the intestinal detoxification or the dual effect of drug adsorption and reparation. But, drugs taking can only delay the speed of deterioration rather than suppressing.

3. Dialysis

The principle of this therapy is similar to detoxification with drugs. Dialysis imitates the function of the kidneys to clean the blood. Its short-term effect is very obvious. It can quickly remove medium molecule toxins in the body, and provide a good internal environment for treatment. However, its side effects to patients and large costs are also obvious.

4. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an advanced natural therapy which is based on Chinese Herbal Medicine. It is an external application and is used for kidney failure in particular. It takes effects to repair kidney damages and improve kidney function quickly, because the herbal ingredients can permeate into kidney tissues directly through skin, with the help of effective penetrate and osmosis devices. The final goal of this treatment is to restore renal function, slow down disease progression. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can eliminate inflammation, get fibroblast phenotype reversal to normal glomerular cells and kill muscle fibroblasts.

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