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Survivorship of Kidney Disease Stage 5

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Survivorship of Kidney Disease Stage 5Stage 5 Kidney Disease, also known as End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD), is the last stage of kidney disease which means that kidney has nearly lost its functions. Once the kidney damage progresses into this stage, a common concerned question is how about the survivorship of kidney disease stage 5. Do you know the answer? Please read on.

A person with Stage 5 Kidney Disease means that the kidney function has only 15% or even less. In the case, kidney function is too low to sustain the kidneys’ normal work. Then, the symptoms and complications will be more and more serious and threatening. Facing the condition, there are two common treatment options for your reference. Any questions, please email us to or leave a message below directly.


It helps patients clean blood and shows quick treatment effects. As it cannot help to recover kidney function, patients have to do dialysis regularly, so as to keep their blood cleaned. But it cannot be used as a long-term solution and it is only suitable for these whose kidneys have failed totally. The average lifespan of dialysis is 4.25 years and about 23% of dialysis patient can live for 10 years.

Kidney Transplant

It is regarded as the best way for kidney failure, but as a matter of fact, it is so hard to find a matched kidney in limited time. Even though you have done the surgery, it still runs a high risk of rejection reaction which is dangerous for patients. About 98 percent of people who receive a living-donor kidney transplant live for at least one year after their transplant surgery. About 90 percent live for at least five years.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

As an alternative for dialysis and kidney transplant, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy also helps to increase life quality and prolong life span. It is a natural and external application of Chinese herbal medicine under the help of osmosis device. What’s more, the medicines in the treatment can be adjusted and changed along with your changes of illness condition. The elected Chinese herbal medicine is harmless and works by the performing four functions: dilation of blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degradation of extracellular matrix. In addition, the nutrition of the body’s need is also can be supplied from the treatment. With the help of the herbal treatment, patients can live normally without dialysis and kidney transplant.

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