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How to Avoid Kidney Failure

2013-09-26 09:42| Font Size A A A

The average person knows little about kidney disease and does not concern it much. Low awareness of kidney disease leads to the kidney failure -prone, poor treatment, and poor prognosis directly or indirectly. All of these pose a great threat to people’s life quality and life safety. Then, how to avoid kidney failure?

First of all, we should know that renal failure is caused by other kidney diseases.

Many primary diseases are likely to affect kidney health. So whether it is a relatively mild kidney disease, such as nephritis, or a more severe disease, early discovery and treatment are needed in case of entering the stage of renal failure which has irreparable damage to the kidney. Other diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and lupus, can lead to diabetic nephropathy (DN), hypertensive nephropathy and lupus nephritis which should be treat actively.

Secondly, take regular tests to find the genetic kidney problems as early as possible.

Patients with a family history of polycystic kidney disease and other hereditary kidney disease are at higher risk than other people.

Besides, pay attention to the change of urine, hydrating properly.

Urine is an early indicator of renal function. Most of the waste in human body is filtered through the urine by the kidneys. Normally, burning urination and frequent urination are urinary infection. Nocturnal enuresis is a sign of kidney function damage. Urine with foam is due to the increasing of protein. In addition, severe dehydration can cause acute renal failure, so drinking right is very important. Moreover, people with less water and less urine have Urological diseases, high uric acid hematic disease and kidney stones easily.

Finally, avoid renal toxicity drugs, prevent and treat high blood pressures and diabetes actively.

The most common renal toxicity drugs are painkillers, antibiotics, developer which should avoid long-term heavy use. Therefore, if you feel any discomfort, you are suggested to seek medical advice timely rather than buying medicine by yourself to avoid unnecessary damage to the kidney.

In addition, diet management and timely treatment are two aspects to improve the prognosis of renal failure. Therefore, you’re suggested to take a specific diet and personalized treatment plan as soon as possible. We collect the suggested food list and treatment suggestions of kidney failure. If you have an interest, please leave a message below. We are here to help!

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