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How Does Chinese Medicine Work for Kidney Failure

2015-02-02 12:18| Font Size A A A

How Does Chinese Medicine Work for Kidney FailureIn the Chinese Medicines Treatments of Kidney Failure, if patients suffer from symptoms or even complications, doctors will take some effective treatment from Traditional Chinese Medicine. Actually, when patients experience the some discomforts, it may indicate that there is imbalance of internal body. Therefore, the key point of Chinese medicines puts on recovering the balance and repairing kidney damage.

How does Chinese medicine work for renal failure?

According to many years of clinical practices, traditional Chinese medicine can slow down the progression of kidney failure. What’s more, on the basis of TCM, in Shijiazhuang kidney Disease Hospital, we also created new treatments. One of treatments is Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmptherapy. All in all, the therapeutic effects are more significant compared to signal traditional Chinese medicine. Because the treatment not only can repair kidney damage, relieve the symptoms but also can degrade extracellular matrix, and enhance the kidney-self handling ability.

Actually, it is a perfect combination of Chinese herbal medicine and advanced medical equipment. During the process, patients just need to lie on the bed and the medical bags are put under the patient’s lower back ( Shenshu acupoint). Then, the nurse will turn on the osmosis device, teh active ingredients of medical bags will be permeate into kidney lesions, then these substance can play their roles. Only the kidney damage can be repaired from the root, can we lay a solid foundation for repairing kidney damage. In addition, in order to strengthen therapeutic effects, we do use other support treatment such as Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Hot Compress Therapy, Circle Therapy, Immunotherapy, etc. All of them are important parts of traditional Chinese medicines. And moreover, they have been proved that there is no side effects to the body. If you have interest for these treatment, please be free to contact us: leave a message below or mail to

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