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End Stage Renal Failure Help

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End Stage Renal Failure HelpEnd Stage Renal Failure is the last stage of kidney disease and is the condition when the kidneys do not work well enough for you to live. If happens, you will need dialysis or a kidney transplant to live. Aside from dialysis or kidney transplant, what else can we do?

The best way to prevent end stage kidney failure is to prevent Chronic Kidney Disease or early stage renal failure. Diabetes and high blood pressure are the two leading causes of CKD. And other condition also cause the disorders like reactions of medicines, some injures, Therefore, checking them regularly can protect your kidneys from further damage. In the stage, the glomerular filtration rate is less than 14ml/min. Along with the persistent decline of kidney function, there are certain changes will happen to patients’ bodies, such as reduced urination, unbalanced electrolytes, hormone changes, abnormal enzyme production, cardiovascular disease and so on.

As we all know, there is no cure for end-stage renal failure (ESRF) and the damage done to the kidney is irreversible. Even so, it doesn’t mean that there is no hope to live longer for patients. Treatment at the end stage of kidney failure involves replacing the lost functions of your kidneys. Here we do not recommend dialysis or kidney transplant. On the contrary, in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, we have found alternative treatment for Kidney Failure patients.

Foot Bath

It is one of leading treatment in our unique treatments. Foot bath is not simple foot bath and the treatment has hundreds of prescriptions. It makes full use of Chinese herbal medicines and warm medical liquid to regulate Qi in the body. What’s more, there are many acupoints in the foot which link the various organs. When patients’ feet soak into the medical soup, the blood vessels can be dilated, blood circulation can be promoted, extracellular martix can be degraded, the inflammation can be blocked as well. Through the above function, patients can control the progression of illness condition.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

The osmotherapy is a perfect combination of TCM and osmosis device. Under the help of osmosis devices, the herbal medicine can be applied by the external. The active ingredients of herbal medicines can permeate into kidney lesions. More detailed info, please email to or leave a message below and we will do what we can help you.

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