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Are Natural Herbal Supplements Good for Kidney Patients

2014-11-11 12:01| Font Size A A A

Are Natural Herbal Supplements Good for Kidney PatientsSome patients put the forward a question on our website: are natural herbal supplement good for kidney patients? Some patients argue that the use of herbal supplements is unsafe if you have kidney disease. Is it right? Facts speak louder than words. We do use natural herbal medicine and we have treated the kidney disease patients from more than 60 countries and achieved the great success.

In our Chronic Kidney Failure Patients, we do use Traditional Chinese Medicine for treating kidney disease patients. And on the basis of TCM, we also create innovated therapies. Alternative treatments for kidney disease are as follows:

Hot Compress Therapy

It is applied by putting the two bags filled with herbal medicine on Shenshu acupoint so that the active ingredients in herbs can work on the kidney lesion directly. After a period of treatment, the symptoms such as proteinuira, high blood pressure, swelling can be relieved.

Medicated Bath

The bath is made up of high temperature liquid and herbal medicine. Patients will soak themselves into the medicine liquid. Then the warm water and active ingredients of herbal medicine can stimulate the acupoints of the whole body so that blood circulation can be improved, increasing bloodstream can be supplied to the kidneys.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

It is a new kidney disease treatment, innovated from Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is similar to Hot Compress Therapy but different from that. Because it not only absorbs the essence of TCM, but also combines the osmosis device. Through the treatment, the polluted blood can be cleaned and the symptoms can be controlled or relieved.

Aside from the mentioned above, Circle Therapy, Enema Therapy, etc are available for patients with kidney disease. What’s more, we also use the oral medicines called Chinese patent medicine like Mai-Kang Composition rather than western drugs.

Like I said at the beginning, facts louder than words. Natural herbal supplements are good for kidney disease patients. More detailed info, please feel free to contact us: or talk with our online doctor directly.

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