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Kidney Failure Treatment in Unani

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Kidney Failure Treatment in Unani Kidney Failure is one of intractable diseases in the world. The incidence of this disease has increased considerably in the recent years. And how to reverse kidney failure and save patients’ lives has become a concerned question. Some people may have the doubt: can Unani cure kidney disease from the root?

What is Unani Treatment?

Unani is one of traditional India medical system, and it originated from Greece. The main medicines in this treatment include herbal medicines, animal, mineral and Marine drugs. In clinical practices, the medicines can be signal or compound. The theory thinks that the human have four kind of body fluid including harma (blood), phlegm, chole xanthe, and black melania. Diseases is caused by the imbalance of body fluid or some parts of them can not discharge from the body. The treatment stresses to the self-handling ability of human which can overcome the imbalance.

Well then, how does Unani Treatment work for kidney failure?

1. Increase the urine output thereby decreasing the inflammation within 9 days.

2. Helps in increasing water fluid intake thereby removing out the blood wastes products thus drastically bring down serum creatinine & blood urea nitrogen in the patients within a month.

Through the above analysis, we can see that the therapeutic effects are transitory and fails to treatment kidney disease from underlying causes.

Aside from this therapy, what else can we do?

We recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and Immunotherapy which are both based on Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Taking an Osmotherapy as an example, it is a combination of Chinese herbal medicine and advanced medical technology. It is an external application which is put two bags with herbal medicine on the patient’s lower back. Then, through the osmosis device, the active ingredient of medicines can permeated into kidney lesions directly, thus achieving the goals of repairing kidney damage and recovering renal function step by step. More detailed info, please contact our online doctors or email and you also can leave a message below directly and we will contact you within 24 hours.

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