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One of “Seven Therapies”-Enema Therapy Works on Kidney Disease

2014-09-18 11:47| Font Size A A A

One of “Seven Therapies”-Enema Therapy Works on Kidney DiseaseIn our Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, China, we innovate seven different external applications of Chinese medical treatment based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. Among them, here we will talk about how does Enema Therapy work on kidney disease.

What is Enema Therapy?

Enema therapy, also called the rectal administration method, is the inheritance of traditional Chinese medicine. On the basis of traditional rectal administration methods, it also combines modern technology with traditional Chinese medicine to develop a kind of unique therapy for treating renal diseases.

How does Enema Therapy work on Kidney Disease patients?

Kidney disease patients suffer from various symptoms due to accumulation of wastes and toxins in the body. Enema therapy aims to drain toxin by enema.

with the decoction of traditional Chinese medicines into one has catharsis effect, high retention enema, xie except in the gut of the poison cloud real evil.

Decoct Chinese medicines with the purgative function and use high retention-enema to drain pathogenic factors of toxic turbidity.

Drain pathogenic factors of toxin turbidity with rectal administration, smoothing fu-qi and descending turbid qi, and restore the function of spleen and stomach to elevate the lucid.

What are the therapeutic effects of Enema Therapy?

Short-term effects

no ammonia tastes in the mouth, relieved and skin itch, improved appetite, relief of anemia and increased urine.

Long-term effects

Supply nutrition to the blood, remove wastes and toxins, provide good internal environment for self-repairing, repair kidney damage and protect remaining renal function as well as enhance kidney function.

The above is all introduce about how enema therapy works on kidney disease. If you want to try this therapy, you can attach your report test to and we will provide an individualized treatment according to your illness condition. Other treatments like Hot Compress Therapy, Acupuncture, Medicated Bath, Foot Bath, Circle Therapy, Fumigation and Steaming Therapy are available in our hospital.

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