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Is Kidney Transplant the Last Choice of Kidney Failure

2013-09-12 09:47| Font Size A A A

With the progressive development of chronic kidney disease, kidney function decreases. The kidney function is severely damaged with kidney failure. Usually, doctors will recommend their patients to do kidney transplant to maintain the rest of their life. But is kidney transplant the last choice of kidney failure?

What is kidney transplant?

As its name refers, kidney transplant is to transfer a healthy kidney into the patients’ body. There are two kinds of kidney transplant: deceased-donor and living-donor transplantation. Both have complications after the surgery. You may need to take medicine for the rest of your life to control rejection because your own immune system fights against all the outer things. Besides, high blood pressure and infections may occur as the side effects of the anti-rejection medication. You may need to go to a doctor regularly to ensure the outer kidney functions well. A special diet should also be followed. It will take you months or years to wait for a proper kidney. The high expense is always a heavy burden of the patients. So if one have kidney failure, is kidney transplant the last choice? The answer is “no”.

Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy

Individuals with kidney failure do not have to worry. Besides kidney transplant, you deserve a better choice. Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy is a innovative therapy which have a good effect on kidney disease, even kidney failure. When one goes into the stage of kidney failure, most of the kidney functions have lost. This new therapy aims at impairing kidney lesions and improving kidney functions. It is different from the traditional Chinese therapy which is taken orally. It is applied externally instead.

Through a osmosis device, the shattered herbs which permeate into kidney lesions can achieve such goals as dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anti-coagulation and degrading matrix. After taking this a few times, you kidney lesions will be repaired gradually and the kidney function will return to normal. Besides, this therapy has no side-effects and you do not need a surgery which will take time and medicine to recover.

With micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy, kidney transplant can be avoided. If you want to know how this therapy functions exactly, you can consult the online doctor freely or leave a message below, we will reply as soon as possible!

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