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How to Deal With Renal Insufficiency in Elderly Patients

2014-07-04 09:34| Font Size A A A

How to Deal With Renal Insufficiency in Elderly PatientsElderly patients are prone to get various diseases due to low immunity as well as changes in organs and tissues. And renal insufficiency is more commonly seen in elderly people. Then, how to deal with this phenomenon? Let’s have a look at this passage and maybe we can find related info.

For elderly people, their kidneys will shrink and kidneys’ filtering function is affected along with aging. As we all know, renal insufficiency is a common symptoms among elderly people, though it also appears on children and young people. However, compared with young people, kidney failure in the old is more life-threatening. It can severely shorten lifespan. Why? Because the elderly patients have less recovery and regeneration ability and they often have many other concurrent illness conditions such as hypertension, high blood glucose, heart problems. Another reason of poor prognosis is they often do not seek positive treatment.

How to deal with renal insufficiency in elderly patients?

For elderly people, both healthy lifestyles and medical treatments play significant roles in enhancing immune system and protecting renal function.

How to develop healthy lifestyles?

For elderly people, in their daily life, they can de some suitable and moderate exercises like Taichi, jogging, walking and so on. Through doing these exercise regularly, their blood vessels will be expanded, and blood circulation also can be promoted. In this condition, enough blood will flow into kidneys and kidneys will work properly.

In addition, if you are too sick to do any exercise, you also can change your diet plan based on your illness condition. More details about friendly-kidney diet, you can talk with Online Doctor directly.

What about medical treatment?

In Our Beijing Tongshantang Hospital, there are many professional kidney experts, advanced medical equipments and characterized therapies. Here we recommend Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy to you. It is created by traditional Chinese medicine and it is an external application of traditional ones. The active ingredients of Chinese medicine contributes to enhancing immunity and repair kidney damage. Also, this therapy help patients avoid dialysis or kidney transplant to some extent. If you or your loved suffer kidney disease and want to live with a healthy life, please send email us to and we are always here to help you.

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