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What Happens When Kidneys Shut Down

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What Happens When Kidneys Shut DownKidneys are two important internal organs of our body and they play significant roles in many aspects. However, what happens when kidneys shut down?

What happens when kidneys shut down?

Experts of our center point out that kidneys can not only help discharge metabolic wastes, excess fluid, etc but also maitain useful substances. Besides, they are responsible for the adjustment of blood pressure, production of EPO and so on. When kidneys shut down, their normal operation will be influenced. As a consequence, various symptoms like high blood pressure, edema, pain, anemia, protein in urine and so on will come into being.

In advanced stage, it will develop into kidney failure. In most cases, dialysis or kidney transplant will become patients’ ultimate choice to extend their survival periods.

What can patients do to prevent kidneys from shutting down?

1. Take regular check-ups To monitor how your kidneys work, sufferers are requested to do regular check-ups, for instance, blood test, urine test, kidney function test and so on.

2. Follow a healthy diet Keeping a scientific diet is very helpful to prevent deterioration of kidney function. In general, the diet principle can be low fat, low protein, low salt and high fiber. If necessary, the consumption of potassium and phosphorus should also be restricted. If you want to know more about this, please click the Online Doctor now!

3. Blood Pollution Therapy As kidney disease develops, the blood can be polluted by high levels of toxins, thereby, blood pollution therapy is suggested. In general, it can be divided into 3 steps: clean your blood; supply nutritions to the blood; restore kidney function. Besides, these steps are not isolated and clinical practices have proven it’s efficacy in restoring kidney function.

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