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Alternative Treatments for Kidney Failure without Kidney Transplant

2014-05-09 17:41| Font Size A A A

Alternative Treatments for Kidney Failure without Kidney TransplantKidney transplant can be a common treatment for kidney failure patients. However, it is really difficult to find a matched kidney, and there usually severe rejection reaction. Then, are there some alternative treatments for kidney failure without kidney transplant?


Dialysis is an artificial replacement therapy for kidney failure patients, which can help them remove micromolecular toxins and excess fluid from blood.

Relatively speaking, it has fewer side effects than kidney transplant and the therapeutic effect can be achieved quickly. However, there can be some shortcomings:

1. It may cause some complications, like shortness of breath, headache, low blood pressure, muscle cramps and infections.

2. It can only supersede kidney function partly, so some symptoms can’t be relieved through dialysis, such as anemia and proteinuria.

3. This therapy only can clear the toxins in bloodstream, while some substances clinging or depositing on blood vessel can’t be eliminated, so anoxia and ischemia state in kidney can’t be improved.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

This natural remedy is a perfect combination of Traditional Chinese Medicine and modern medical equipment. And it can help treat kidney failure in the following steps:

☆ Block primary diseases

Our nephrologists will evaluate patients’ overall condition and figure out the primary diseases. Then some kidney tonic managements and Chinese herbs can be prescribed to sufferers to block the primary diseases.

☆ Repair kidney tissues

Herbs in this therapy have the effects of dilating blood vessels, anti-inflammation, anticoagulation and degrading extracellular matrixes. So, active substances and nutrients can get into kidney lesion directly.

☆ Rebuild kidney structure

When the above two goals are achieved, there is great opportunity to boost the self-curative ability of renal cells.

What’s more, it is convenient, comfortable and harmless. And clinical practices have proven it’s effecitiveness in treating kidney failure and prolonging the life expectancy of patients.

Besides, other therapies like Blood Pollution Therapy and Immunotherapy are also beneficial. If you have any doubts, please inform us by emailing to

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