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Medicated Bath to Ease Itchy Skin in Kidney Failure

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Medicated Bath to Ease Itchy Skin in Kidney FailureMany Kidney Failure patients are annoyed by itchy skin, which can greatly affect their normal life. Medicated bath has been proved to be effective in alleviating this symptom.

Why kidney failure patients have itchy skin?

●High levels of phosphorus

●The build up of toxins

●High levels of parathyroid hormone

●Dry skin

If you are not clear about the exact cause of your condition, you can email us with your detailed condition. Our nephrologists will help you solve this problem.

How does medicated bath ease itchy skin?

Skin is the biggest organ in our bodies. Except the protective function, it also has many other effects, such as absorbing, permeating, secreting and discharging. This therapy uses these physiological functions to alleviate this symptom.

Stimulate the discharge of toxins

In this therapy, the warm bath soup can stimulate kidney failure patients to sweat and toxins can be discharged with sweat. When phosphorous and toxin level reduce, patients’ symptoms can be eased.

Moisten the skin

Dry skin can cause skin itching, while patients’ skin can get moistened in the bath. However, the water shouldn’t be too hot, as it can remove too much grease from skin and this will aggravate dry skin.

Improve kidney function

The active ingredients in the medicine can directly get into the kidney lesion through skin. The medicines can help to restore the kidney lesion. With time, when kidney function gets improved, the related symptom will be relieved.

Though this therapy is effective and safe to most kidney failure patients, the following patients are not suit to this therapy:

●Too high blood pressure

●High fever and lots of sweat

●Serious heart disease

●Allergic reaction

In these conditions, medicated bath may make the condition worse.

Medicated bath not only can treat itchy skin, but also helps kidney failure patients to improve sleep quality, ease fatigue and reduce blood fat. If you are interested in this therapy, you can leave a message for us. We’ll contact you as soon as possible.

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