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Kidney Failure Treatment

Can You Go Back from End Stage Renal Failure

End stage renal failure is the last stage of CKD, in which your kidneys are severely damaged. Can you go back from end stage renal failure? Read on to learn more information. Your kidneys filter waste products and excess fluid from your blo...Read More

How to Repair A Failing Kidney Without Dialysis

How to repair a failing kidney without dialysis? For almost kidney failure patients, they are not willing to spend their rest life on dialysis. Then is there any way to repair the failing kidney and improve renal function so as to keep dial...Read More

Should I Cleanse My Kidney if I Have Kidney Failure

Kidney failure occurs when kidneys are not able to filter wastes from the blood sufficiently. Then should I cleanse my kidney if I have kidney failure? Read on to learn more information. You should cleanse your kidneys if you have kidney fa...Read More

What Steps to Take to Reverse Lost of Kidney Function

Question: Hello, Im being treated for chronic kidney failure. My doctors never talk about healing or steps I can take to reverse lost of my kidney function. Can you give me some suggestions? Answer: what is your GFR now? Generally speaking,...Read More

Natural Remedy of Early Stage of Kidney Failure

In early stage of kidney failure, timely treatment can help you repair a part of kidney damage and restore some renal function. In this article, we will talk about natural remedy of early stage of kidney failure. Hope it can help you. The f...Read More

Three Ways to Reverse Kidney Function

Many people believe that from kidney disease to uremia, it is a matter of time, and it will come sooner or later. But it turns out to be wrong, and nine out of ten patients will never reach uremia in their lifetime. The treatment of kidney...Read More

Stage 5 Kidney Failure with Heart Problem: What Is Her Next Option

Question: My aunt has stage 5 kidney failure with heart problem refuse treatment. Whats her next option? Answer: Stage 5 kidney failure is also known as end stage renal disease (ESRD), in which a GFR is usually 15 ml/min or less. What is yo...Read More

It’s Already Uremia: Should You Only Wait for Dialysis or Kidney Transplant

At the moment when creatinine level exceeds 700 umol/L, you may feel hopeless, because dialysis is going to start. In fact, this problem is not that serious as you imagine. Miracles may happen to you. Actually the real enemy of you is not t...Read More

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