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Causes and Treatments of Swelling Belly in Kidney Failure

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Causes and Treatments of Swelling Belly in Kidney FailureSwelling belly is a common symptom of kidney failure patients with hypoproteinemia. You can get detailed information about causes and treatments of swelling belly from this article.

The causes of swelling belly in kidney failure

There are two major causes of swelling belly in kidney failure: hypoproteinemia and sodium and water retention.


When too much protein is lost through urine, proteins in blood will decrease--- hypoproteinemia. An important protein in blood is albumen, which can keep the colloid osmotic pressure, maintaining right volume fluids in blood. Thus, in kidney failure patients with hypoproteinemia, the fluid in blood will move to tissue and cavities. When this condition occurs to peritoneal cavity, the swelling belly appears.

-Sodium and water retention

Kidney failure patients have lost most of their kidney function, so their kidneys fail to keep right amount of water and sodium in their bodies. When too much fluid is held back in patients’ belly, they will suffer the symptom of swelling belly.

Treatments for swelling belly in kidney failure

-Adrenocorticalhormones: It can control the proteinuria effectively, and then help to relieve the swelling belly. Nevertheless, the medicine has a series of side effects.

-Diuretics: It can help to excrete excessive fluids, thus the symptom of swelling belly gets relieved. Meanwhile, patients should restrict sodium intake, which is contributing to fluids retention. For kidney failure patients, choosing diuretics must be cautious to avoid kidney toxic medicines.

-Supplement albumen: Albumen can be obtained through diet or medications, while excess protein can put a strain on kidney. Thus, patients should strictly follow doctors’ advice in this therapy.

-Paracentesis: For worse condition, patients feel severe abdominal pain. Paracentesis may intervene to remove the held-back fluids. This therapy can safely remove large amounts of fluids. In serous condition, this procedure is more effective than diuretic.

-Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy: This therapy can stimulate the circulation of blood, facilitating the absorption of ascitic fluids. It also helps to preserve kidney function, improving patients’ condition.

After reading this article, you can get a basic idea of causes and treatments of swelling belly in Kidney Failure. If you have any questions when you make decisions, you can email us

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