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Is Back Pain A Sign of Kidney Failure

2014-04-07 00:16| Font Size A A A

Is Back Pain A Sign of Kidney FailureHonestly speaking, people with kidney failure can be plagued by a range of discomforts like nausea, vomiting, frequent urination at night, fatigue, itchy skin, etc. However, is back pain a sign of kidney failure?

In fact, back pain can be caused by kidney failure. However, back pain does not mean kidney failure, as other factors can also lead to this kind of pain.

How does kidney failure cause back pain?

1. It is acknowledged that kidney deficiency is a common manifestation of kidney failure, and kidney deficiency can lead to back pain easily.

2. Urinary tract infections. In renal failure, patients’ immune system can be easily affected, as a consequence, various infections like urinary tract infection may occur. In addition, kidney stones can also cause this pain.

Other factors related to back pain

For kidney disease patients, back pain can also be the consequence of enlarged cysts in kidney cyst or PKD. Besides, other factors including lumbar muscle strain, fracture of waist, cold, strenuous physical activities, etc.

How to alleviate back pain in kidney failure patients?

1. If the pain is caused by kidney stones, medications or surgery may be needed to treat kidneys stones.

2. If this discomfort is associated with infections, anti-inflammatory drugs will be used to treat urinary tract infections and so on.

3. If it is related to enlarged cysts, effective treatments should be adopted to shrink the fluid-filled sacs. In clinical, surgical operation is commonly used, however, there are always some adverse effects. Here, a natural remedy named Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy can be a reliable choice. More importantly, it can not only help shrink the cysts but also restore kidney function. In this way, back pain can be alleviated to a large extent.

4. Except for the above suggestions, patients should balance work and rest. If the pain is quite serious, they had better stay in bed.

If you are a patient with kidney failure and back pain, we sincerely hope you can learn a lot. Any questions, please leave us a message below!

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