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What Causes Jerking During Kidney Failure

2014-02-22 01:16| Font Size A A A

As a kidney failure patient, you may often suffer from the jerking,also known as muscle cramps in daily life. You may ask: what causes jerking during kidney failure? Now, please follow me to find the answer in the following article.

Firstly, let’s look at the overview about kidney failure.

As we all know, a health kidney can remove some waste products such as excess water, creatinine toxins and urea nitrogen. Besides, kidney also can help purify blood, regulate blood pressure and keep electrolyte balance. Once the kidney gets damaged, a series of renal diseases can appear gradually. What’s worse, renal function can be lost completely due to the worsening condition. Finally, it leads to kidney failure. Jerking is one of the symptoms in kidney failure.

The reasons causing jerking during kidney failure are as follows:

1. Lack of vitamin D.

Vitamin D can produce a nutrient substance forming and maintaining strong bones. If the body is short of vitamin D, patients are likely to have some symptoms like jerking.

2. Low calcium and high phosphorus.

Excessive phosphorus can lead to the huge loss of calcium from the bones.

3. Poor blood circulation

If the kidney is damaged, it will make a bad influence in the blood circulation. So poor blood circulation may cause jerking.

Actually, jerking is not terrible for kidney failure patients. If you adopt an effective therapy, it is possible for every patient to regain health. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is your good choice.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a natural treatment in treating kidney failure. With the help of advanced osmosis device, the Chinese herbal medicine can directly act on the renal area. This therapy avoids the side effects by oral medicine. Meanwhile, the active ingredient can be released fully. So it is an ideal treatment for many patients.

Through the above analysis, I am sure you have a general understanding about the reasons causing jerking during kidney failure. In a word, the disease is not terrible, to seek the best treatment is the key. If you still have other questions, feel free to let us know. Welcome to leave your message below or talk to our kidney experts. You are surely to get the specific answers.

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