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Shortness of Breath in Chronic Renal Failure

2014-02-11 19:38| Font Size A A A

Shortness of Breath in Chronic Renal FailureShortness of breath is one of the symptoms of chronic renal failure. It troubles many patients. If you also have this trouble, you should go on reading to find something valuable.

When chronic kidney failure comes, not only kidney function drops, the overall physical function is affected. Kidneys are no longer able to well filter the waste products and extra water in blood. So they will accumulate in blood, causing many problems.

The causes of shortness of breath in chronic renal failure.

-The toxins will spread into every part of the body with the blood circulation. When they affect the respiratory system, shortness of breath will occur.

-Pulmonary edema is one of the severe complication of chronic renal failure. The main feature of pulmonary edema is shortness of breath.

-Patients who are in chronic kidney failure will be easily attacked by infection because of low immunity. If the lungs are infected, it will trigger shortness of breath.

-Cardiovascular disease is also one of the complications of chronic kidney failure. If you are troubled by pericardial effusion, pericarditis or heart failure, shortness of breath is more likely to occur.

-There is one factor that is easily to be ignored, that is the psychological obstacle. Some patients are loaded with heavy psychological burden, featuring as shortness of breath, fatigue, etc.

How to deal with shortness of breath in chronic kidney failure?

From the above we can see that the underlying cause of shortness of breath is the failed kidneys and reduced kidney function. Therefore, the root method is to improve kidney function. Then how to improve kidney function? Maybe in your mind, only dialysis and kidney transplant can treat kidney disease. But you are wrong. There are other better choices for you. Hot Compress Therapy is an recommended therapy to relieve shortness of breath.

This therapy is natural and safe. It cannot only relieve the symptoms, but also improve kidney function by activating the healthy qi. For more detailed information, you can ask the online doctor.

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