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Causes of Muscle Cramp in Kidney Failure

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Causes of Muscle Cramp in Kidney FailurePatients in kidney failure will develop many symptoms, such as itchy skin, nausea, vomit, high blood pressure, fatigue and so on. Muscle cramp is one of the common symptoms. So what are the causes of muscle cramp in kidney failure?

Muscle cramp is one of the troublesome symptoms in kidney failure. It may be painful. When it happens at night, your sleep quality will be heavily affected. The followings are the possible causes of muscle cramps. You can take them as a reference and take according treatments.

A. Low blood calcium is the main cause of muscle cramp. The followings are the causes of low blood calcium.

- High level of phosphorus. kidneys fails to discharge the extra phosphorus in blood well. They will accumulate in blood, causing high phosphorus level, which will lower calcium level.

- Inadequate secretion of vitamin D. Secreting hormones is one of the job of kidneys. Kidneys are not able to produce enough vitamin D in kidney failure. The main job of vitamin B is to keep balance of calcium and phosphorus. Kidneys cannot discharge extra phosphorus, so the calcium level will be lowered.

- Some diuretic will also increase the discharge of calcium.

B. Restless leg syndrome. Because of metabolic disorder, patients may be attacked by restless leg syndrome, which will cause muscle cramp.

C. In kidney failure, not only kidney function is damaged, the nervous system is also affected. Nervous system disorder can also lead to muscle cramp.

For different patients, the causes of muscle cramps are different. If you are troubled by this symptom, you are suggested to take an examination and figure out the exact cause. You can also send your medical report to, our kidney expert will give you some natural treatments according to your specific condition.

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