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Kidney Failure: Loss of Appetite on Dialysis

2014-02-01 23:58| Font Size A A A

Loss of appetite is a common symptoms of patients with kidney disease. The uncomfortable feeling will be more serious if the disease develops into kidney failure, especially when you are on dialysis. Then how to deal with loss of appetite on dialysis?

Why do you get loss of appetite?

Kidneys are in charge of discharging the wastes and extra water in blood. In kidney failure, kidneys almost lose their ability to do this job. So the waste products will accumulate in blood, causing a series of symptoms. Even if you are on dialysis, some toxins cannot be removed. Extra guanidine and polyamine in blood will result in loss of appetite.

Some patients are suffering from nausea and vomit in kidney failure because the toxins cause stimulation to the gastrointestinal tract. This is also a cause of poor appetite.

How to deal with loss of appetite in kidney failure?

-To discharge the toxins in blood completely. Maybe you are taking dialysis now, there are some other harmful substances that dialysis is unable to eliminate. Other blood purification techniques like plasma exchange, immune adsorption, hemofiltration, etc will be chosen properly according to the types of toxins in the body. However, not all of countries have those advanced blood purification technique. There is no doubt that the prognosis will not be that good if the blood can not be cleaned totally.

-To make kidneys work normally again by repairing kidney damage and recovering renal function. And we do believe that it is the best way. With the recovery of kidney function, not only can loss of appetite and other symptoms be naturally treated, dialysis treatment can be still stopped if kidney function is increased to about 20. And there are many successful cases in the clinic. And we hope you could relieve your loss of appetite by this way.

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