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What Symptoms will Come with Kidney Failure on Dialysis

2013-12-29 19:27| Font Size A A A

The kidney function declines to below 15% in kidney failure. So kidneys are no longer able to complete their jobs. Therefore, a series of symptoms will come into being or become more obvious. In this advanced stage, many patients rely on dialysis to survive. Then what symptoms will come with kidney failure on dialysis?

Nausea and vomit.

In kidney failure, the kidneys are not able to remove the extra toxins, such as urea, which will be decomposed into ammonia. Ammonia will stimulate the

Gastrointestinal tract and cause nausea and vomit. Besides, acidosis in kidney failure is also a main reason of nausea and vomit.

Inching skin.

Because kidneys are no longer able to discharge toxins in blood. As a result the toxins will build up in blood, causing further damage to kidneys. Some of the toxins will be discharged through skin, which will stimulate skin, causing itching skin. Besides, metabolic disorder will be more serious in kidney failure. High level of phosphorus and low level of calcium are relevant to itching skin.

Muscle cramps.

In kidney failure, the kidneys cannot produce enough hormone, such as active vitamin D, which can help regulate the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. Low level of calcium and high level of phosphorus will cause muscle cramps. Restless leg syndrome is also a symptom of kidney failure. It can also lead to muscle cramps.

Low blood pressure.

The failed kidneys cannot secret enough erythropoietin(EPO), which can stimulate the marrow bones to produce red blood cells. The reduced red blood cell production will lead to low blood pressure. If one is on dialysis, the condition will be increased. Dialysis will discharge the extra water in blood. But the sudden drop of water will easily cause low blood pressure.

Kidneys in the stage of kidney failure are no longer able to perform well. Besides the above symptoms, there are also many other symptoms, such as poor appetite, swelling, anemia and so on. Treatment in this stage is important to relieve the symptoms. If you want to know the effective treatment, you can send an email to for a free reply.

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