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Symptoms of Kidney Failure

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Symptoms of Kidney FailureKidney Failure generally occurs when the kidneys can no longer work normally to clean toxins and metabolic products from the blood. It consists of years of unobvious symptom and sudden occurrence. When it develops into advanced stage, a series of symptoms will appear:

Changes in urination

Kidneys can make urine, when there is something wrong with the kidneys, the volume of urine will be affected. You may make more or less urine than usual, have urgent urination, changes in urine colors, foams in urine due to protein loss and increased urination at night. And you may feel have difficulty in urinating.


As kidneys can’t function well, the toxins accumulated in the glomerular will denature nerve cells. Meanwhile, damaged kidneys can not produce enough red blood cells, thus resulting in anemia. This can result in muscle cramp, fatigue, memory deterioration or even lethargy.

Nausea and vomiting

The ammonia secreted from the urea can stimulate the intestinal tract, thus you may have nausea, vomiting or appetite loss.

Itchy skin

Kidney failure can also affect your skin. You may experience itchy skin due to the building of wastes in the body, especially phosphorus.


It often appears in your feet, hands or around your faces. It occurs when kidneys fail to remove extra fluid from your body.

Shortness of breath

Two ways may contribute to the shortness of breath. First, excessive fluid in the body can accumulate in the lungs. Second, anemia (shortage of red blood cells). Also, you may have an ammonia taste in your mouth.

The above are the main symptoms of Kidney Failure. If you have one or some of the symptoms, you should see your doctor at once.

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