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Why does Kidney Failure Cause Muscle Cramps

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Why does Kidney Failure Cause Muscle CrampsSome patients with kidney failure are suffering from muscle cramps. Why does kidney failure cause muscle cramps? Follow me and find the answer.

Low calcium level in blood.

Hypocalcemia is mostly seen in patients with kidney failure. The low blood calcium level will elevate the excitability of the muscles, which will cause muscle cramps.

High phosphorus level in blood.

Hyperhosphatemia often comes along with hypocalcemia in kidney failure patients. The normal kidneys can keep calcium and phosphorus in balance. but with kidney failure, the kidneys are not able to do this job. The high level of phosphorus in blood will lower calcium level. Low calcium level in blood in the main cause of muscle cramps.

Inadequate vitamin D.

Kidneys are the main organs to synthetise vitamin D, of which the main function is to regulate the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. In kidney failure, the kidney cannot make enough vitamin D. As a result, the balance of phosphorus and calcium will be interrupted and muscle cramps will occur.

Restless legs syndrome.

Some patients develop restless leg syndrome with kidney failure. When patients are sitting or lying on the bed, there will be uncomfortable feelings on the legs. So patients may be forced to walk or kick to relieve this feeling. Sometimes, restless legs syndrome will cause muscle cramps.

How to deal with muscle cramps?

A healthy diet may help control the symptom by increasing calcium and decreasing phosphorus. The online doctor is here to offer you the food lists. You can chat with him!

Improving kidney function is the basic method to relieve muscle cramps. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended if you want to improve kidney function. This therapy has been proved effective in dealing with kidney disease. If you have interests, you can send an email to for a reply.

Only when the kidney function in kidney failure is improved, muscle cramps can be cured.

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