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Can High Blood Pressure Lead to Kidney Failure

2013-12-07 18:10| Font Size A A A

Patients with kidney disease are often companied by high blood pressure. Can high blood pressure lead to Kidney Failure?

Long-term high blood pressure can directly cause damage to kidneys. The studies show that about 15% of patients with high blood pressure will develop into kidney failure.

How does high blood pressure damage kidneys?

High blood pressure will cause damage to the blood vessels throughout your body. If the blood vessels are damaged in kidneys, the kidneys may have difficulty in filtering the waste products and toxins. So they will build up in the blood, causing more damage to kidneys and other organs in your body.

Long-term high blood pressure can lead to hypertensive nephropathy. At the early stage, there is no obvious symptoms. Patients may suffer from increased nocturia and slight proteinuria. It will finally develop into kidney failure with the development of the disease.

How to control high blood pressure?

Healthy lifestyle. It is reported that a healthy lifestyle can help control high blood pressure. Firstly, you should manage a healthy diet by eating less sodium, potassium, protein and eating more fresh fruits and vegetables. Secondly, you need to do moderate exercise, like jogging, walking and swimming. Thirdly, do remember avoiding drinking too much alcohol.

Medicines. Some medicines are effective in controlling high blood pressure. Your doctor may prescribe you some anti-hypertensive medicines like ACE inhibitors, ARB, beta blockers. These are all effective medicines to lower high blood pressure.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. This is a natural treatment for kidney disease with along with high blood pressure. It plays an important role in keeping blood pressure in normal level by expanding blood vessels. At the same time, the herbs can also degrade extracellular matrix, fight against inflammation and coagulation. It is helpful to repair the damaged kidney cells.

High blood pressure is a leading cause of kidney failure. It is important to bring the blood pressure under normal level. For more information, you can send an email to , the kidney doctor will give you more suggestions.

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