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What are the Causes of Shortness of Breath with Chronic Kidney Failure

2013-12-04 10:42| Font Size A A A

Patients with Chronic Kidney Failure will suffer from many discomforts due to great decline of kidney function. The kidney function has been severely damaged in chronic kidney failure. Some patients may experience shortness of breath. Then what are the causes of shortness of breath with chronic kidney failure?

As we all know that shortness of breath is relevant to heart disease or pulmonary disease. While chronic kidney failure is a clinical syndrome that can affect every system of our body, including the heart and lung. How does chronic kidney failure affect heart and lung? Next, let’s talk about this question.

Pulmonary disease is a cause of shortness of breath with chronic kidney failure.

A. The kidneys cannot keep balance of acid-base because of chronic kidney failure, so there will be metabolic acidosis. Hypoxia is also a condition in chronic kidney failure. Chronic kidney failure will lead to pulmonary vasoconstriction, which will cause pulmonary congestion and pulmonary edema. These factors all have relationships with pulmonary disease and shortness of breath.

B. Pulmonary infection. Patients often have low immunity with chronic kidney failure. So they are prone to be attacked by infection, especially pulmonary infection, which can cause shortness of breath.

Heart disease is a cause of shortness of breath with chronic kidney failure.

Cardiovascular disease is a common complication of chronic kidney failure. If patients are experiencing hydropericardium, pericarditis or heart insufficiency, they are likely to come with shortness of breath.

Psychological disorders is a cause of shortness of breath.

Besides pulmonary disease and heart disease, psychological disorder can also be a cause of shortness of breath.

Patients with chronic kidney failure may have considerable psychological burden, featuring as depression and fatigue, which can also cause shortness of breath.

These are the main causes of shortness of breath with chronic kidney failure. If shortness of breath occur, you should take an immediate examination and check what is the real cause and take measures accordingly. If you have any questions, you can ask the online doctor or leave a message below, the kidney doctor will give you some suggestions!

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