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Why Would Kidney Failure Cause Oliguria

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Kidney failure is the advanced stage of kidney disease. It is characterized by severe damage of kidney function. There are only 15-29% kidney function left. So many symptoms will occur due to low kidney function. Some patients will suffer from oliguria with kidney failure. Why would kidney failure cause oliguria?

How does urine form?

Two processes are involved in the formation of urine---glomerular filtration and renal tubular reabsorption. When the blood flow through kidneys, the kidneys will filtrate the blood and form initial urine, which will enter into the renal tubular. In proximal tubular, about 99% of fluids, electrolyte and acid base will be reabsorbed to the blood and only 1% of initial urine will enter into distal tubular and then to the ureter. Then urine forms.

Why would kidney failure cause oliguria?

In kidney failure, the glomerulus is severely damaged. So the filtration function of glomerulus is declined. The blood supply to kidneys is decreased. So there will be less initial urine and less terminal urine.

Some patients with kidney failure may experience dialysis. Excessive water will be discharged through dialysis. So this is a possible reason of oliguria in kidney failure.

How to increase urine in kidney failure?

The root method to increase urine is to improve kidney function. Micro-Chinese medicine osmotherapy is effective in improving kidney function. It is an externally used therapy. With an osmosis device, the herbs will be permeated into kidney lesions. The herbs play an important role in repairing the damaged glomerular membrane basement. Besides, it will expand the blood vessels and increase the blood supply to kidneys. So there will be increased urine.

You may be suggested to eat some foods that can help increase urine, like wax gourd, bitter gourd, radish, lemon and so on.

Why would kidney failure cause oliguria? I believe you have a general knowledge of it and the treatment. For further information, you can send an email to, the kidney doctor will provide you more treatments!

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