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What Make the Itchy Skin with Kidney Failure

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What Make the Itchy Skin with Kidney FailureItchy skin is a common symptom of kidney failure. About half of the patients with kidney failure is bothered by itchy skin. What make the itchy skin with kidney failure?

There are many causes of itchy skin with kidney failure.

Accumulation of the toxins.

The kidney function is severely affected in kidney failure. The kidney will lose the ability to filter enough waste product and toxins in the blood and it will reduce the production of urine and the waste products and toxins cannot be discharged. Some toxins in the blood will cause itchy skin, such as guanidines, urea, phenols and so on.

Toxins on the skin.

Because the toxins cannot be discharged through urine, some toxins will be discharged through sweat and they will form crystal on the skin. The crystal will stimulate the skin, leading to itchy skin.


Dialysis can help remove the waste products and toxins as well as the excessive water in the blood. When over much water is discharged suddenly, the skin will be dehydrated, which will trigger itchy skin. Itchy skin is more obvious with patients on dialysis.

Electrolyte disorder.

The kidney is also responsible for keeping electrolyte balance. When there is problem in kidney, the electrolyte balance will be broken. Calcium and phosphorus disorder is relevant to itchy skin.

Dry skin.

Dry skin is also one possible cause of dry skin. Because of the accumulation of the toxins, the plasma osmotic pressure is high and the water in the skin is forced to transfer to the blood vessel. In addition, the secretion of oil and fat is not enough to keep the water and the water is diffused from the skin, leading to dry skin.

These factors can make itchy skin with kidney failure. You are suggested to take measures to improve kidney function. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended. If you want to know the detailed information, you can send an email to, the kidney doctor will give you more explanation.

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