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Muscle Cramps with Kidney Failure

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Muscle Cramps with Kidney FailureKidney function decreases a lot with kidney failure. Patients with kidney failure are often troubled by many disorders due to kidney dysfunction. Muscle cramps is one of the common complications of patients with kidney failure. So how does muscle cramps with kidney failure occur?

Kidney plays an important role in keeping balance of electrolyte. When kidney failure attacks, many kidney function lose and decline. So the electrolyte balance is broken.

The reasons why muscle cramps occurs are complicated. But blood calcium level disorder is the most common reason. There are some circumstances of blood calcium disorder.

a. Calcium ion is closely related with the neuromuscular excitability. When blood calcium declines, the neuromuscular excitability will be increased and muscle cramps will occur.

b. Hypocalcemia is commonly seen in kidney failure and it is always companied by hyperphosphatemia. Kidney is the main organ of forming active vitamin D, which functions to regulate the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus. Patients with kidney failure cannot make enough active vitamin D, which lead to the imbalance of calcium and phosphorus.

c. Some diuretics can also increase the excretion of calcium, causing blood calcium disorder.

d. To deal with acidosis, some patient will be treated with sodium bicarbonate, which will bring out muscle cramps.

Besides blood calcium disorder, there are some other causes to muscle cramps.

The waste products and toxins will build up in blood if one gets kidney failure, leading to peripheral neuropathy, which is one of the possibilities of muscle cramps.

Restless leg syndrome is one of the results of metabolic disorder, this is one of the reasons of why some patients experience muscle cramps.

Through the introduction, do you have a clear mind of muscle cramps with kidney failure? If you are attacked by muscle cramps, you should make clear of the reason and take immediate treatment. You can describe the symptom to online doctors and they will help you diagnose if it is a symptom of kidney failure.

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