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Do People that Have End Stage Renal Failure Have Problems of Constipation

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Do People that Have End Stage Renal Failure Have Problems of ConstipationWith the progression of kidney disease, more and more symptoms and complications will appear. Do people that have end stage renal failure have problems of constipation? Read on to find out the answer.

Causes of constipation for people with renal failure

1. The digestive tract symptoms are prominent: the most common digestive tract symptoms in uremic patients are poor appetite, epigastric fullness after eating, nausea, vomiting and constipation. After the onset of maintenance hemodialysis (MHD), the patient's condition is more serious and complicated, especially the digestive tract symptoms during dialysis.

2. Insufficient water intake: Most patients suffer from oliguria or anuria. During the dialysis interval, water intake needs to be strictly controlled, resulting in insufficient water intake.

3. The requirement of low potassium diet: the intake of vegetables, fruits and dietary fiber is obviously insufficient, which makes functional constipation a more obvious clinical problem.

Because dialysis patients need to accurately measure body weight before and after dialysis, in order to understand the growth of water during dialysis interval. Functional constipation patients often affect the accurate calculation of water content due to the retention of stool in the body. It is very easy to cause blood pressure drop and other cardiovascular complications due to improper ultrafiltration in dialysis, and affect the quality of dialysis and life of patients. Therefore, the prevention and treatment of constipation in patients with MHD has a very positive significance to improve the survival rate of patients with MHD.

How to prevent constipation for kidney failure patients?

1. To ensure the intake of dietary fiber.

2. To drink water moderately.

3. To supplement vitamin B1.

The last and the most important one is to take a proper treatment. Here we recommend you to try Toxin-Removing Treatment. It can cleanse the blood, improve blood circulation, increase blood flow into kidneys and provide essential elements such as oxygen and nutrients so as to make internal environment good for kidney self-healing. After a short period of treatment, constipation and some other symptoms such as swelling, high blood pressure, skin itching, cold limbs and so on will get relieved greatly. After a long period of treatment, your renal function will get improved, and then you can reduce or even get rid of dialysis.

Do people that have end stage renal failure have problems of constipation? Yes, they have. Besides, they have many other symptoms and complications, which can decrease their living quality greatly. To improve this condition, Toxin-Removing Treatment will be a good choice for you. For more information on ESRD treatment, please leave a message below or contact online doctor.

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