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Does Ammonia Odor Indicate Kidney Failure

2013-10-08 15:23| Font Size A A A

There will be a lot of slight changes in our body that patients do not notice with kidney disease. Patients with kidney disease may experience ammonia odor in mouth. Ammonia odor will become worse with the development of the illness. Does ammonia odor indicates kidney failure?

The causes of ammonia odor

One of the kidney function is to filtrate the waste products and toxins out of our body. Urea is one of the toxins in our body which should be discharged out . Patients with kidney damage cannot discharge urea well and it will accumulate in the blood. Ammonia is the breakdown product of urea. There are mainly three causes of ammonia odor in mouth.

The elevated urea in blood will diffuse to intestinal tract from blood vessel. The urea will decompose to ammonia under the effect of intestinal bacteria urea enzyme. The extra ammonia will be discharged from oral cavity.

The urea will be transport to lung via pulmonary circulation. After degradation, it will be discharged out of our body through breath. This is also a cause of ammonia odor.

The urea will be increased in salvia with kidney disease. It will be decomposed to ammonia too. This is the direct cause of ammonia odor in mouth.

Ammonia odor with kidney failure

Ammonia odor not often indicates kidney failure, but it often indicates kidney problem. Kidney failure is the severe stage of kidney disease. Kidney function is severely damaged with kidney failure and urea will become more and more in the blood. Thus ammonia odor will become more serious with kidney failure.

Although ammonia odor does not always indicate kidney failure, you cannot relinquish your guard on them. In your daily life, you should take care of the protein intake for urea is a kind of metabolism of protein. The most important task for you is to treat kidney disease. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is recommended to you. For more information, you can send us an email to!

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