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Does High BUN And Creatinine Mean Kidney Failure

2017-08-03 12:16| Font Size A A A

Does High BUN And Creatinine Mean Kidney Failure
Some people found that they have a high Blood Urine Nitrogen(BUN) level, at the same time they also gain a high creatinine level, so they are eager to know does the high BUN and creatinine level mean Kidney Failure? As for this question, I am willing to share something with you, and you also communicate it with our ONLINE DOCTOR.

Does high BUN and creatinine level mean kidney failure

In medical field , the BUN and creatinine level have a close relationship with the kidney disease. And both high BUN level and high creatinine level do mean the kidney disease. Maybe it does not mean the kidney failure, because the kidney failure is a serious stage of kidney disease. The higher BUN and creatinine level mean more serious kidney disease. So it is so necessary for you to control your BUN level and creatinine level, in case your condition worsen to the kidney failure or end stage renal disease.

How to lower high BUN and creatinine level

The blood urine nitrogen and creatinine both are the waste in our body and they are supposed to get out of body. The Medicated Bath in our hospital is a right Chinese medical treatment to remove the blood urine nitrogen and creatinine. This therapy is boiled by various kinds of Chinese medical herbs, and we add some hot water into the medical soup. Then the patients can soak into this special bath. After about one or more hours, the pores of patients will open completely, and the Chinese medicine can penetrated into the internal blood vessels and active the blood system. So the speed of patients discharge the waste will be accelerated. At the same time, the patients will sweat a lot, which also can bring away some waste out of body.

The fact proves that our medicated bath is a good way to the high BUN level and high creatinine level. If you want to know more information about our therapy, you can send emails to , or add my viber/whatsapp +8613633219293.

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