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What Are Symptoms to Identify Kidney Deterioration

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What Are Symptoms to Identify Kidney DeteriorationA good learning of symptoms about kidney disease or kidney failure is very important, so that you can prevent kidney from further damage and take timely effective treatments. Well then, what are symptoms to identify kidney deterioration?

As we all know, kidneys are important “filters” of our bodies. They can remove extra wastes and toxins as well as extra fluid from the body. In clinic, GFR (Glomerular Filtration Rate) divides kidney disease into five stages. The more lower GFR level, the more severe kidney damage. As last, the more serious symptoms will occur.

Early signs of kidney deterioration.

Usually, due to kidneys’ strong compensatory ability, most patients are asymptomatic when they are in the early stage of renal disease. But it’s my duty to tell you, people with High Blood Pressure, Diabetes or Infection are at high risk of getting kidney damage. Therefore, it is important to do body test regularly so as to monitor health conditions.

Symptoms that occur in moderate kidney damage.

When kidneys lose 50% of renal function, patients will begin to experience some symptoms and discomforts, such as Fatigue, Fluid retention, Swelling (edema), Blood in Urine, Proteinuria, Kidney Pain, Sleep Problems, Skin Itching, High Creatinine Level and so on. Without correct handling, all of them can worsen illness conditions and speed up deterioration of kidney disease.

Severe symptoms or complications will occur in advanced stage, namely Kidney Failure.

In the stages, most patients have lost 85% of renal function. The poor renal function is not enough to sustain whole body’ health. Then, the previous symptoms like proteinuria, swelling, itching, etc will become more and more serious. In addition, other organs or systems also can be involved, like shortness of breath, cardiovascular disease, digestive problems, severe anemia, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, weakness, poor appetite or even coma and so on.

If you suffer from one or more symptoms that mentioned above, you should pay highly attention to your body health and seek professional help from the doctor. Any questions about kidney disease, you also can email to us at or leave a message below directly. And we are glad to help you!

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